Let's talk about it. And record it.

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I regularly present at conferences and meetups. Here’s some recent talks that I enjoyed giving are available on-line:

  • Building Images for the Secure Supply Chain at Cloud Native SecurityCon (KubeCon US 2022 colocated event). A wide-ranging talk that discusses a variety of methods to remove vulnerabilities from you images and add provenance.
  • Supply Chain Security in Kubernetes at CraftConf 2022. This went into details about supply chain security and how you can use tools like SigStore and Kyverno to improve your defences and provenance..
  • The Road to Microservices at TuringFest 2017. Probably my favourite talk to give, this is the only recording I know of and unfortunately you need to register to view

Please get in touch if you’d like me to talk at one of your events!


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