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Cloud Native Tech and Other Ramblings

Annotations and Labels in Container Images

A deep-dive into OCI Annotations and Labels and what the difference is.

Let's talk about it. And record it.

An incomplete list of some of my recent talks.

Enabling Webmention For Comments

As you may have noticed, I’m in the middle of revamping my blog. It’s now a static site, run via Hugo and Cloudflare Pages. I was planning to use Disqus for comments, but changed my mind when I realised it meant ads and tracking. This led to a search for alternatives which ended in choosing Webmention.

10 Predictions for the Future of Computing or; more Inane Ramblings from Adrian

My predictions for how the industry will change over the next decade or so.

Dealing with Docker Hub Rate Limiting

How to deal with Docker Hub rate limiting.

Linux Capabilities in Practice

Detailed look into how capabilities work showing examples and tools.

Linux Capabilities: Why They Exist and How They Work

An introduction to Linux capabilities, including why we need them and an explanation of how they work

(How To Do) XML Schema Validation

Judging by the popularity of this question on StackOverflow (and my answer), it seems that a lot of people struggle to check the validity of an XML file against an XML Schema. It’s a shame that what should be a trivial task has wasted hours of developer’s lives. In this article I’ll try to offer a few alternatives for various platforms and hopefully make things a bit simpler. There are actually a few different options at your disposal (which is probably part of the problem).