Feeding the Bit Bucket

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This is the personal website and blog of Adrian Mouat, a software engineer, consultant, speaker and author.

Drawing of Adrian Mouat

About Me 🔗

I’m interested in a wide range of technologies, including:

I’ve given mutliple talks on these subjects, some of which you can find on this site.

WTF is a Bit Bucket? 🔗

This definition comes from the original Hacker’s Dictionary (before ESR got his grubby mitts on it):

BIT BUCKET n. 1. A receptacle used to hold the runoff from the computer’s shift registers. 2. Mythical destination of deleted files, GC’ed memory, and other no-longer-accessible data. 3. The physical device associated with “NUL:”.

What Happened to the Old Site? 🔗

There wasn’t much that I felt was worth keeping. You can still find it on archive.org.

Contact 🔗

If you want to get in touch, you can reach me on: