Freelance Software Developer & Consultant

UK-based software developer available for freelance and contract work.

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  • Extensive Java experience including using frameworks such as Hibernate and Spring.
  • Also C/C++, Clojure, CUDA, XML, REST, XML, SQL, Hadoop, GWT, Google App Engine and Eclipse.


  • 8 years professional development.
  • Worked on a wide range of projects including developing Web applications, Cloud computing frameworks, IDEs, data mining frameworks and sound synthesis.
  • Wrote and presented lecture series on Cloud computing and Unit Testing.


Adrian completed our software project swiftly and on budget. He was highly professional and quick to understand our requirements. His interest in our project also led to an improvement on our original design, meaning an easier solution for our end users. Stuart Smith, Operations Director at Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd
Adrian delivered good quality code and worked well with the team. Alan Gibson, Director of Operations and Project Management at Bridgeall Libraries Ltd
Due to his wide experience in software development Adrian was able to turn this project around in record time, while keeping the quality of the work high. Jorrit-Jaap de Jong, Co-Founder of uGlyDuckling BV
Adrian is undoubtedly talented. He couples this with wide-reading, he has a firm understanding of business, and has that thing that many good engineers have: a firm and functioning b******* detector. Jamie Dobson, Co-Founder of uGlyDuckling BV
Adrian has demonstrated exceptional level of professionalism and attention to details. He has always delivered on time and made sure that the milestones are met. Ilja Livenson, Lead Developer on EUDAT B2Share Project
Excerpted from LinkedIn recommendation.